NABEL - North American Barter Exchange Limited.
North American
Barter Exchange
Limited (NABEL)

50 Trenton-Frankford Rd.
Trenton, Ontario
K8V 5P6

Toll Free:   1 . 888 . 214 . 9222
 Tel:   613.392.5052   NABEL
 Fax:   613.392.4256   Email Us

Business-to-Business Barter Exchange

Today, many business owners are using Barter to...
  • increase profits
  • reduce cash operating costs
  • Dispose of Excess Inventory
  • Use Excess or Idle Production Time
  • Restore Value to Outdated Merchandise
  • Salvage Cancelled Orders
  • Turn Extra Time into Extra Income
  • Open and Expand Distribution Channels
  • Enhance Lifestyle/Personal Benefits
  • Reward their Employees and Customers
  • Establish Edge Over Competition
As a NABEL Member, you are promoted in a number of ways:
  1. You are listed in a directory available to all members.
  2. Your business can be advertised in our weekly faxes, emails and newsletters.
  3. You are invited to networking events & trade shows
  4. You are assigned a personal trade broker who promotes your company to other members in the exchange.
Stop by our website and see all the services and products which are available to NABEL Members.

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