Caring Hands Reiki  

15 minutes from Kingston City Hall.
(Directions provided at time of registration.)

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Caring Hands Reiki


Reiki Classes and Treatments
Chakra Repair and Balancing
IET Treatments


Dave Best - Reiki Master

How can Reiki help?
  • Break the cycle of chronic stress
  • Accelerate physical healing
  • Release emotional pain
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Balance body, mind, spirit

Reiki Courses
  • Current course schedule is available by email

How can Chakra Repair help?

People with chronic low energy, general apathy, or a chronic physical challenge which cannot be explained medically, may be suffering from damaged chakras. Chakra Repair restores the body's Chakra energy system to 'like new' condition.

How can IET help?

Integrated Energy Therapy?(IET) is used to clear cellular memory. There are nine cellular memory areas in the physical body where we can unconsciously store emotional pain or issues that can negatively affect our life. An IET treatment "gets the issues out of your tissues".

IET releases deep emotional pain (baggage) without reliving it.

Chronic or recurring physical ailments may be removed by clearing cellular memory.

About Dave Best

Dave has been a Reiki practitioner since 1997.
In addition to Reiki, he incorporates exercise, relaxation techniques and herbal products into his healthy lifestyle.

Dave's qualifications include:
  • Reiki Master (traditional Usui Reiki)
  • Reiki Master (Tibetan / Usui Reiki)
  • Integrated Energy Therapy - Advanced
  • Therapeutic Touch - 2nd degree
  • Quantum Touch - 1st degree
To book a class or treatment:

Tel: 613-544-1699


For further information, visit:

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