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1456 Highway 2 East (Purple Door) Kingston, Ontario K7L 4V1

  Tel   613.539.0494
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Those who have their own business and are pressed for time.

Those wanting to know where they stand financially.

Those who dislike working with numbers and find it frustrating.

Those wanting to manage their business with accurate information.

Those wanting to be organized so they can focus on what they know best.

What's In It For You?

Relieve stress over getting your financials up to date.

No more late payment of government remittances.

No more leaving work to make payments at the bank.

No more high cost for year end.

No more searching for invoices or receipts.

More time for your business!

If you can relate to any of the above instances you could benefit from the services of a qualified and organized Bookkeeper. Call today and set up an appointment.

We at Shoebox Services have found that many entrepreneurs and small business owners require more than bookkeeping and other clerical items. The setting up of an office system that is organized and conducive to your business will allow you to focus more on what
YOU do best.

Please call us at 613.539.0494 for more info.

Evenings and weekends appointments available by request.

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